EONE Typhoon Mobile


Package Description

EONE Typhoon Mobile Command Center v1.50

Animated Side Pops Outs!!!

Whats new in Version 1.50

new data files, updated carcols, environmental lighting improve

Video Show Case https://youtu.be/TTH-mvksdTQ

customizations and special lighting options available or this EONE Typhoon, customizations is more, request customization in a support ticket.


Non ELS 

Whelen ROTA Freedom IV,

TVs, Sat dish, camera, awing, stairs, and so much more. 

Built in TV script, TV Script will work with all my command vehicles that have the tv.dds texture or any of the other textures. they can be added to the script to replace more textures. to restart video, restart the main script. working on a better fix of longer video, three flatscreen tvs that will play the same video. 

expect future updates as well an alternate light package options 

Vehicle Components


Camera pole down


Camera pole up 


Inside rear conference table


Propane Grill


Stairs passenger side


Exterior flatscreen tv


Wreath on grill


Green Command light


Awning Closed


Awning open



Scene Lighting


Shoutout to MBN

  • base by GL
  • Candimods
  • template by MAOM


Boot/Trunk Side outs 

Bonnet + door_dside_r => Sat Dish 

Enterable collision

Can seat 6, can sit around the conference table in front, watch videos, and have meetings. !!!

use your trainer to cycle through the seats

Compatible with Single Player and FiveM, note animated tvs only work in fivem, in single player it will display a static image. 


TV Script written into the resource. Three TVs Display the same Video, that can be changed in the client.lua only non copyrighted videos will play.

Other screens cans be added to the script as well using the same convention 

create a support ticket on the discord if you need assistance or have any questions at https://discord.candimods.com

my customers get access to bonus mods and discord rewards connect you discord to get your benefits!!

Test this mod on my FivePD Server spawn code `mcceone` at http://fivepd.candimods.com

Terms of Use

Do not share the drive links they are unique to you  , you may use the download in 5M or SP, you are NOT allowed to rip, re upload, redistribute, or repackage this modification. You are not allowed to RESELL THIS PACK You may use on your stream and take screenshot and video showcases, link to my server here, you are not allowed to upload this file and claim it as your own on any site, server, local, drives, cloud drives, or otherwise.  you are NOT allowed to UNLOCK this file. texture devs may link to public downloads only.. feel free to post videos and screenshots of your vehicles. You are not allowed to used leaked or stolen versions of this download on your FIveM server.  Do so is a violation of Five TOS and you will be reported and banned.