EONE Pierce Ladder M


Package Description

EONE Pierce Ladder Montreal Inspired  [Non ELS] [5M] [SP] [Turret Ladder]

Video Show Case : https://youtu.be/o8tP88UVVdU

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Turret Ladder Operates via a weapon turret like on the Chrenobog, due to this, the ladder position is relative to the Camera position and where unable to change this without additional scripting. 


  • Turret Ladder
  • Multi Livery Capable up to 8 Liveries and More
  • Ladder and Control Lighting
  • Working Water Cannon
  • Working Outriggers with reflective 3M tape
  • Breakable Glass
  • Extend and Retract Ladder 
  • Climb ladder
  • 360 Degree Scene lightning 
  • Compartment Lighting
  • Ladder LEDS
  • Handle LEDS
  • Undercarriage lighting
  • Driver's Compartment Red LED Lighting
  • Can Seat 6

Paint Shop 

  • Primary Paint: 1  assigned to primary muiltivery

Vehicle Mods


read me click to view readme

Compatible with Single Player and FiveM, 


Thanks to Resq for helping test this and improving the metas

Whelen M6 Series & Rear Lights by Prod

Whelen Mini Freedoms

Control tower and various other parts from Montreal HP100 Aerial Ladder

lifepak15 by cheese

2010 Ford Econoline Type 2 Ambulance Van Built by Malley Industries by Cray Sellick

cool beans and jerbear rescue and various parts

fire trailer - cool beans and jear bear contributors

light tower by AEMT

cfd9437 tanker truck and trailer assorted

truck utility body by cool beans

services bodies by cool beans, jearbear, big Red

Base Model Credits

- Dev Model was from Turbosquid by Atticus Finch

 - Textured, Templated and converted to GTA V by JackTheDev

 - Pump panel textures Staples

 - Handling PsychoticGinger

If i forgot to mention a credit please message me and will update it. 

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Test this mod on my FivePD Server spawn code `mcceone` at http://fivepd.candimods.com

Terms of Use

Do not share the drive links they are unique to you  , you may use the download in 5M or SP, you are NOT allowed to rip, re upload, redistribute, or repackage this modification. You are not allowed to RESELL THIS PACK You may use on your stream and take screenshot and video showcases, link to my server here, you are not allowed to upload this file and claim it as your own on any site, server, local, drives, cloud drives, or otherwise.  you are NOT allowed to UNLOCK this file. texture devs may link to public downloads only.. feel free to post videos and screenshots of your vehicles. You are not allowed to used leaked or stolen versions of this download on your FIveM server.  Do so is a violation of Five TOS and you will be reported and banned.