Customer Support:

order inquires, refunds, install help, custom request, and edits

(we only handle customer support and requests in support ticket a staff member will not respond to your Direct message.)

CandiMods Customer Service Ambassador will respond to your request if you need help you can tag them in any channel as well. 

Support tickets > 

Please be patient our support team is only three people we will get you as soon as possible

Getting Access to your files:

Once someone purchases my content, they will automatically receive an email with a download link. They can also download their package later from their own keymaster dashboard.



some Legacy may require file approval access can vary from 8 to 12 hours we apologize for this.

You will receive a link once you make payment please request access to the files so you can receive them, include you tebex purchase id/order number for faster response.


create a support ticket on the discord if you need assistance or have any questions at

For other inquires you can email

Fastest method of contact is opening a support ticket, i have several staff and the bot that will respond to you to get the process started.

CandiMods Referral Program - developers and supporters can get unique referral links to get discounts on future stores purchase. Dev team members can use referral links on there mod downloads as well to. Create a support ticket to get your custom referral link!! You are granted a unique referral link where you get a discount on future mods based on how many referrals your links generates!!!!

Leaker Reporting Program -players who report and successfully remove leaked content will get access to special bonus from candimods